April Showers…

Early Spring is the time to prepare

April is the perfect time to begin preparing your lawn and flower beds. With all the rain coming in this month it’s a great time to get down your Step One crab grass preventer on your lawn. We recommend using Johnathan Green Green Up with Crabgrass Preventer, which can be found here at our store. However, If you’re planning on putting new grass seed down this month we recommend using Scotts step one which will both allow the new grass seed to germinate as well as preventing crabgrass. 

Early this month pansies  and all of your bulbs should begin flowering and now is the time to get in and get your cold weather veggies! It’s also the time to come in and get your seeds started for the spring. We have a wide selection of seeds, from asparagus to zucchini. All our raised planters our 15% off this month to help get you started! Later this month perennials like our moss phlox, dianthus, bleeding hearts and more will begin flowering and we always try and carry what’s in season and flowering so get in before it’s too late! As the weather warms up we’ll also start seeing our flowering trees like our Kwanzan cherries, Chanticleer Pears, Dogwoods, and Magnolias will begin leafing out, flowering and are fully in stock!

Easters just around the corner and all of our easter Lilies and dahlias should be here the second week of April! 

We also have a full selection of fruit trees such as a variety of asian pears, peaches, apples, pears and cherries in stock now! Supplies are limited.

This year we have our biggest selection of pottery and statuary yet! With a wide selection we have something for everyone!

All through the month we’ll be getting in brand new shipments of all of our shrubs and trees, we’ll have a full selection of evergreens, flowering trees, flowering shrubs and more. If you’re looking for anything specific we don’t have please reach out either in store or here at our contact page and we’ll do our best to get it in for you!

We look forward to a great spring and a great year together!


A Thomas and Sons Staff

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