Garden Decor

A. Thomas & Sons offers a vast selection of fountains, planters, statuary and garden ornaments. These items are great for indoor or outdoor use. Fueled by America’s renewed passion for gardening, this past decade has witnessed a resurgence in the design and production of garden ornaments. 


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The nursery carries a number of goods suitable for gift giving, including:

Cast StoneTerracotta
FountainsLawn Statuary
Gazing GlobesPedestals

“Wildlife feeders and habitats help restore natural balance to the garden.”

To ensure that you will attract all kinds of birds to your landscape and keep them coming back, you will need to consider a few different things.  Most yards that have a water garden in them will also have some kind of artificial bird haven. Most of these are some type of bird feeder, suet holder, bird house and/or bird bath. There are also a plethora of plants to choose from that serve as natural bird attractors.

Discover which feeders and foods birds prefer!

Globe Black Oil Sunflower SeedsPlatform Suets
Haven Quality Mixed SeedSuet Basket Hangers and Squirrel Baffels
Hopper Thistle SeedTube Wind Chimes
Window Feeder

Chickadees, Nuthatches, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Wrens, Grosbeaks, and Finches will all benefit from the numerous seeds we have available. We offers a variety of feeders, homes and seed available for all kinds of birds and wildlife that you might want to attract to your backyard.

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